Live By the Rule of the Rock is the third standalone Fraggle Rock home video release by Hit Entertainment.

Back Cover Summary

Catch the tail by the Tiger
He eventually comes to realize that he must venture out into outer space to look for him - a trip that would terrify any Fraggle.

Belive It or Not
Red and Wembly discover a creature who is whatever you believe he is. The trouble starts when Ma Gorg believes him into being a monster in the basement of the castle.

All Work and All Play
Cotterpin Doozer decies she'd rather be a Fraggle, like Red, than spend the rest of her life building with the Doozers.


Special Features

  • Fraggle Rock Quiz
  • Animated Episode: Mokey’s Flood of Creativity
  • Animated Episode: What the Doozers Did
  • Behind The Scenes: The Gorgs
  • Fraggle Rock Music Videos
  • Theatrical Trailers
  • Pingu and Pinga Go Camping

Unused Content and Commands

There is a duplicate quiz failed screen that doesn't have any buttons or commands put on the 16th chapter. Once entered, it will be impossible to exit unless the menu jump buttons on the remote have been pressed. Unlike the previous chapter from this one, This doesn't have the congratulations. It is also extremely close to the bonus episode chapter and above it too. The command that takes the viewer straight back to the Special Features menu is not reachable on it's post commands because a command code that goes to the final chapter through the quiz title is above that one which will go to that chapter first before the menu.

Trivia Challenge Cheatsheet

If you are having trouble getting past the questions to unlock the bonus episodes, here's a walkthrough to get every answer right to achieve the so-called bonus episode for those want to see it. The 1024 in paramter of the button command means it's the correct answer as shown on the Q&A below, the 2048 means it's wrong.


  • What Treat does Doc give Sprocket?
    • Answer: Red Licorice
  • What was the pit full of in Boober's nightmare?
    • Answer: Germs
  • How many words were in the dictionary Traveling Matt wrote?
    • Answer: 1
  • What is on the Trash Heap's head?
    • Answer: A Banana Peel
  • What is Sprocket afraid of?
    • Answer: Spiders
  • What does Wembley have that are little and green?
    • Answer: Bones
  • What does Ma Gorg want cleaned?
    • Answer: The Basement
  • What do Wembley and Red use to row with?
    • Answer: Matches
  • What is Sprocket's favorite magazine?
    • Answer: Dog Days
  • Who isn't excited about getting a helmet?
    • Answer: Cotterpin
  • What does Travelling Matt investigate?
    • Answer: A Video Arcade
  • What is the worst thing in the world for a Doozer?
    • Answer: Swimming


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Fraggle Rock - Live By the Rule of the Rock Video Manager Menus

Fraggle Rock - Live By the Rule of the Rock Video Manager Menus

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Fraggle Rock Live by the Rule of the Rock Video Stream Menus



FR Quiz
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