Elmo Says BOO!
Elmo says boo
Release Date July 8, 1997
Region 1
Distributor Sesame Workshop, Sony Wonder
No. of Discs 1
Running Time 30 minutes
Tech. Specifications Full-screen
Audio English
Subtitles None
Bonus Material Theatrical Trailers
Unused Content None

Elmo Says BOO! is a Halloween compilation featuring jokes and halloween related songs.

Back Cover Summary

Look who's come to visit The Count's spooky castle. It's Elmo! Is he scared? Only for a second because soon he's having a howling good time as his Sesame Street friends stir up some spirited fun. Get ready for nonstop jokes, songs and spooky surprises with Telly, Baby Bear, Bert and Ernie. Elmo Says Boo! is sure to make you shriek -- with laughter.

Audio Environment Fix

Since the movie never uses reverb that allows echoing throughout the video, the enhancement can be done by using the environment options available on certain DVD players and PC audio drivers. If you are using this video on disc for PC use, install either one of the versions of Realtek or Lenovo. Once you have these, go to the audio configuration menu in the Control Panel or right click the volume icon and click "Playback Devices". Click on the audio which has the effects in place. In the "Enhancements" tab, set the environment to "Arena" or "Sewer Pipe" and click "OK". Hangar produces too much echo for the video's audio, Arena is recommended at this point as it creates the same amount of echo like Hangar does and best fits the intended amount of reverb needed for the main video of the disc. If you perfer other echos, select any of them that are in the environment dropdown list. Optional options you can try are "Virtual Sound" and "Equalizer" for volume enhancements. If you perfer low tone, then change the pitch shift to -1. All of these enhancements must be checked in-order to take effect. If you are using a version of Realtek that doesn't have it, remove that one and find the older versions for the device and configure it that way. If you are using a DVD Player that supports audio variations, set it to "3D" using your remote and pressing the button "Mode" when it's on audio mode preferences.

Audio Env. Enhancement Samples

ESB Anti-Echo Sample 1
ESB Arena Sample 1
ESB Sewer Pipe Sample 1
Sample 1
ESB Anti-Echo Sample 2
ESB Arena Sample 2
ESB Sewer Pipe Sample 2
Sample 2
ESB Anti-Echo Sample 3
ESB Arena Sample 3
ESB Sewer Pipe Sample 3
Sample 3

Song Endings

Everytime a song ends, the transparent ghosts come in and transit to the scenes outside of Count Von Count's castle for jokes from each muppet and kids. The transitions for these songs condone by the ghosts are listed below.

  • Bones Inside of You - Page Curl
  • Transylvania 12345 - Page Curl
  • We're All Monsters - Pan right
  • Frazzle - Ripples + Fade
  • The Batty Bat - Page Curl

DVD Chapters




VTSM Menus
Title 3-25 - Theatrical Trailers

Movie Screenshots

Take a peek at our cool gallery full of goodies you don't wanna miss with our exclusive gallery page at Elmo Says BOO!/Gallery.

Video Graphics

A list of graphics were added to the scenes for spooky effects for the special such as ghosts. Everything but the ripped paper effect and the credits text font were originated in this Sesame Street Halloween video.


  • Transylvania 12345 and Frazzle are the only two songs that have not been mentioned in any way throughout the special although they happened on those points after the animated sketches.