Here you can store any unused files that are based on the wikia to prevent it from being unused and to keep them from the unused file list and to subject a captured image for an article where the extras and such are found in. This is to reduce the need to delete them whenever it doesn't get into it's intended home media page. This image chamber is meant to be for images and videos of captured extras, logos and menus from each media including the FBI Warnings if you don't have an idea which DVD has them, so please don't post anything that violates the terms of service or our policies. If it's fan art, please use it on your user page rather than the main space including this page. Please note that any of them uploaded and used in this or any of our pages will be removed and deleted.

If you didn't attend to use any image that doesn't relate to this wikia or if you catch fan art being used in this page and has been used in mainspace and the user didn't attend it to be in it's own user page, use the {{delete}} tag and we'll delete it if we see it. However, we will only do this if it is something else or if it's fan-made and not to any authentic stuff present on media.

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